Your personal news story


Your personal news story coordinates with all other American Success Stories products.

Businesses grow by gathering prospective customers. Once gathered, prospects must somehow be influenced to choose you—not your competitors. American Success Stories does that. You get the outcome you want!

In the creation of your news story, you maintain complete editorial jurisdiction at all times. As we visit, a “storyline” emerges. Your news article, including pictures of you, is associated with the 100,000-watt radio airing of American Success Stories on the WORD 100.7 FM.

Your original news story includes a personalized headline, sub-headline, dateline of your choosing, sub-headers, picture caption, pull-quote box and personal data section. “First-person-voice” journalistic style allows you to say, in professional print, the exact content and differentiating elements your prospects want to know.

Upon submission of the story for your approval, you maintain full editing privileges until it is complete to your satisfaction. You receive your feature news story for unlimited, royalty-free reproduction in any manner you choose. Story is formatted for easy online/print reproduction.

American Success Stories hosts your story on our secure servers and provides the link for you to distribute to your prospects and customers.

Your radio interview


Your radio interview coordinates with all other American Success Stories products

Your radio interview provides a third-party platform from which to be heard—in your own voice, by your prospects—primarily as a means by which you may subsequently distribute audio copies (CDs or online streaming) of your American Success Stories feature interview to your clients and prospects.

Your 10-minute interview feature follows the general storyline of your previously written story. You and the show host will personally coordinate your show script to your complete satisfaction.

A photography shoot at the station features you with full studio components including headset, control panels, microphone and official KWRD the WORD logos. Many clients prefer these high-quality shots to be used in their feature story.

After your show is over, your segment will be digitally mastered, incorporating opening and closing music of the show. Professionally mixed, edited, and balanced, your crystal-clear audio is available for long-term use online or on CDs.

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