Frequently Asked Questions

“What is the purpose of my personal news story?”

Prospective customers, the ones who do not know you yet, also don’t know the difference between you and your competitors. So, they need an immediate, quick-hitting, clear reason to choose you before they end up wandering off with someone else. The #1 issue in business is turning your prospects into clients and customers before somebody else does!

Your personal news story helps you do that. It is a powerful tool, like none other, that moves them to do something—like taking your phone call in the first place, going to your website, emailing you, calling you, meeting with you—and all the other movements that give you a chance to win them over as customers and clients.

“What is my story all about?”

It is you conveying trust and dependability to your prospects, the ones who will be reading your story. The subject of your story is how you will treat them. Typical story content includes things like the importance of being on time, follow up, doing even more than you say, being clear about details, careful listening, caring about your customer and earning his business.

“Why is this story so effective?”

Your prospects want to do business with someone they like, trust and respect—someone who holds to the same character-related qualities they also value. Your story identifies you as a person who advocates such things. If you don’t have a means to differentiate yourself this way to your prospects, then the important qualities that characterize you might as well not even exist.

This is good. Include the link to your story in all your advertising. Advertising is you talking about you. A third-party reference is someone else talking about you. American Success Stories featured on KWRD the WORD 100.7 FM is a well-known, highly-respected third-party source.

When referencing your American Success Stories personal news story in traditional advertising, say something like this: (Your name) is featured in a special online personal news story by American Success Stories featured on KWRD the WORD 100.7 FM. The subject is the importance of relationships with customers and clients. This story is available at (insert your link here).

“I have a website ... ”

Yes, having a website is great. But ... virtually everyone else also has a website. People need a reason to visit your site. Your story becomes a catalyst to drive people to your site. After they have bought in to you—the person behind your company name—they become interested in viewing your site.

“I’m on Angie’s List ... ”

Excellent, but ... so are your competitors. When you place the link to your story in the “Documents” section of your business listing on Angie’s List, your story comes up front and center—clearly differentiating you from all those other businesses with high ratings. Now, as never before, you convert Angie’s List “browsers” to actual clients and customers. Now, it is your phone that rings!

“I have ‘search engine optimization’ (SEO) ... ”

Now that you have increased your website traffic, greet these new visitors with a special section on your home page that showcases your “Owner’s story,” etc.. Again, lead with your strongest asset—you!

“Is my story a ‘radio’ story”?

No. While American Success Stories itself is a long-standing radio show featured on KWRD the WORD 100.7 FM, your personal news story is 100% visual—professionally written and formatted for online viewing and print use. (See our “20-second intro” to view sample stories.)

“What type of station is KWRD the WORD 100.7 FM?”

As a leader in Christian talk radio, 100,000-watt KWRD is part of the nationwide Salem Broadcasting Network.

“How do I have access to my story?”

We “host” your story on our secure online server. Using a unique web address you receive from us, you now possess the “link” to your story. Every time this link is “clicked” by prospects or anyone else, your story appears on their devices in interesting-to-read, living color.

Multiple ways. From including the link in all your emails (place link at your email signature area) to creating a special section on your website showing your story in its entirety, place this link in as many places as you can imagine. Our website offers other usage ideas.

“How do I describe my story to others?”

Just say things like, “Here’s a story about my relationships with clients produced by American Success Stories featured on KWRD the WORD 100.7 FM.” Or, “There’s a link to this story on my email signature.” Then, note on your email signature: See story by American Success Stories featured on KWRD the WORD 100.7 FM (show link) Or, “At the top of our website, there’s a section called ‘Owner’s story.’ ” etc.

“Do my prospects ever see any other stories or anything else at this web address?”

No. The only purpose of your unique web address is to showcase your story.

“Who owns this story?”

You do. It is your permanent possession. You may use it wherever and whenever you choose.

“Do I get input into the story?”

Yes. As a matter of fact, the heart of your story is all about what’s important to you in the relationship between you and your clients. What do you believe is important about good client service? What things do you do that customers appreciate? Your prospective customers can sense that what you believe is the same thing they are hoping to find.

“How do I get you the information you need to write the story?”

You and I will visit briefly on the phone. Call or email to let me know of your interest. I’ll take notes on what you have to say about how you feel about your relationships with customers and clients. Then, you email me a picture of your choosing. That’s it.

“What type of picture should I email you?”

Check out the various pictures you see in sample stories on our website. Each one is a little different. Some casual. Some dressed up. Make it more upright than horizontal. We’ll make you look good.

“What else?”

Once your story is on our server, I will email you the link to your finished story. If it needs changing in any way, just let me know. It is “finished” when you say it is totally to your satisfaction.

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