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The men and women shown below are from all walks of life. Each has been the recipient of a story citing their relationships with customers and clients—producing a continuing commentary on character-based leadership. Here is a representative sampling of various client comments and some excerpts from their stories.

Mike Douglas
President, Advent Air Conditioning

“I liked the idea of having a way to let our potential customers know that we insist on ‘doing things right’ as opposed to things like ‘success by cutting corners.’ ”

Robert Trent Jones
Golf Course Designer

“Being open to unexpected events has always been one of my philosophies. This probably originated with the uncertainties of carving golf courses out of jungles. You never know what new ‘friends’ you will meet.”

Helen Chouinard
Owner, helen's photography

“I want to capture the essence of life—present moments that become rich memories. I want clients to say, ‘I love this.’ ”

Mark Maguire
Owner, Maguire's Restaurant and Bar

“Bob wrote our story almost 15 years ago, in the early days of our restaurant. I have known Bob and his family to be good friends and good ambassadors for Maguires.”

Toby Copeland
President, Copeland Financial Services

“My story has given me a way to say to potential customers, ‘Here is who I am. Here is what I believe you deserve from me.’ ”

Davenport Motor Co.
Independent Lexus Service and Repair

“Our story has been the single most valuable tool we have ever had. It hangs prominently in the showrooms at both of our locations. We used it as a mailer one month to our entire customer list and it produced the highest response in our history.”

Trisha Brandes
Brandes Insurance Agency

“It means doing things right—doing them fast—and having it be all about the client's needs. The answer is ‘yes’ what's the question?”

Leo Pacheco
General Manager, Volvo of Richardson

“When Bob wrote a story on each one of our 12 new car sales counselors, they got to let our customers know that listening, caring and serving are the things we emphasize.”

Coach Ronnie Cuevas
Plexus Slim

“We see the character in the lives of the people we work with. These are wonderful people we really care about.”

Bob Watkins
Owner and President, Window Genie

“Our relationships with clients all start with listening and being attentive to what they want. Our job is to exceed those hopes.”

Toby Watson
Sun Masters

“To say ‘our business is popping’ is a good way to describe the impact of a personal news story and also being a guest on Bob's American Success Stories radio show on KWRD 100.7 FM. Our commerical and residential window tinting business has benefitted greatly.”

Rik and Vik
Compass Realty

“We wanted a piece that would give our clients some insight into ‘who we are’—not just ‘what we do.’ Our American Success Stories feature was perfect.”

Paula Kratohvil
Owner, Complete Interior Solutions

Paula was “Citizen of The Year” in the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce. Clients say, “She is a catalyst for the success of others—she does what's right.”

Steve Monahan
Owner, Pillar Construction Texas

”When we got this story, our salesmen all loved it and we started handing it out everywhere. We created a special place on our website to show it. ‘More than expected’—which is what we love to give our clients.”

Joe Mangan
Mangan Enterprises

”I have known Bob Rountree for over 30 years now. When he wrote my original story in 2000, I was also a guest on his American Success Stories radio show on KWRD The Word 100.7 FM. It was great.”

Christopher Raines
Owner, Gage's Granite

“With the name of our son, Gage, on the business, we love being a family-owned-and-operated, God-honoring company.”

Marlon Allen
President, Wood and Floors Outlet

“Taking care of my clients starts with really caring about them.”

Alex Lopez
Owner, Fireman Roofing

“My clients want someone who will give them a 100% straight answer—and then back it up with performance that delivers on that promise.”

Daniel Waxman
Owner, ShelfGenie of DFW

“I have always enjoyed helping people. I believe that starts with me listening so they can feel comfortable.”

Tyler Venier
Best Metal Fence, LLC

“There is no basis for trust without integrity. Clients are watching to see the match up between what someone says—and what he does.

Andy McKee
Owner, Have Brush, Will Travel Remodeling

“I can't say enough about the quality of my crew. They treat customers just like I do—like members of the family.”

Edward Fidellow
Headmaster, Lakemont Academy

“Learning to take risks” he said, “is one of the ways I learned to develop courage.”

Kinnie Gibson
Stunt Man

One of Hollywood's most highly acclaimed stuntmen and noted Chuck Norris double. “Being a stunt double means the star of the show gets to watch and say, ‘I sure am glad that's not me out there.’ ”

James Conatser
American Mortgage Services

“With three boys around the house, mom needs all the help she can get. That means being a good listener. My clients also like that.”

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