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How to use your story to differentiate yourself on Angie's List

If you are on Angie's List, you can use your personal news story as a strategic marketing opportunity—all at no charge whatsoever.

By uploading the file we sent you to the “Documents” section of your Angie's List profile, your prospective customers will be able to immediately view your personal news story there. Upon reading your story, why would they not feel inclined to call you first?

In other words, here's what your business profile looks like now and what your customers will see after you have uploaded your personal news story .PDF file:

When they click the link they are able to view your full story on all devices

Summary: In the constant quest for new customers, you perhaps enjoy a certain amount of referrals and repeat business. In the bigger sense, as is true with Angie's list, customers respond to you in two ways:

  1. They seek potential choices within a certain category.
  2. Doing the best they can, they choose someone.

Because you want them to choose you, you provide them with a reason to do that. That is the purpose of your strategically placed personal news story on Angie's List.

To upload your story to the documents section of your Angie's List profile:

  1. While logged into Angie's List hover your mouse over the Company Information tab and select Portfolio.
  2. Next, navigate to the documents section and select the Browse button.
  3. Find the PDF copy of your story on your harddrive and upload it to Angie's List.
  4. Once all your changes are saved your story will show up under the documents section of your Angie's List profile.
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